Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Well, that didn't go according to plan.

So, here's a quick rundown of what happened:

I got into school, but because I had to quit school in Florida mid-semester and take an F in three classes, I can't actually get any financial aid to go to school. Plus, my student loan forbearances ran out, so I had to try to fix THAT too. So after a shit-ton of wrangling and hand-wringing and depressed days and nights I wound up attempting to go to community college to make up those classes. That turned into ANOTHER weeks and weeks of struggling with bullshit on top of bullshit.

At the end of it all? I'm paying for college out-of-pocket for the next year. It is cheap enough to do, thanks to an installment payment program. I've managed to register for two of the three classes I need to replace in order to start taking classes at the School of Engineering at UNM. I deferred my admission there, so I can go back next year without doing the whole admission process again. Cool beans. I've got to figure out how to pay for books, but that's a small issue compared to what I've been dealing with.

Other than that? Everything is sort of normal-ish. My wife loves her new job, the in-laws we see 3-4 times a month, THEY BOUGHT ME A FREEZER!, sort of the same old shit. Still shopping for guitar things I don't need, still alternating cooking elaborate meals with making Old El Paso tacos. Still spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME cleaning up after pets that can't seem to hit the litter boxes.

Living the dream...


cicely (Inadvertent Phytocidal Maniac) said...

Glad to hear that things are going (reasonably) well.


Dalillama said...

Good to hear that things are going alright. Haven't seen you around, so I came by to say hi.

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